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Editorial Message

It's recently come to my attention that members of the record label My Life Entertainment were unhappy with a review written by ex-staff member Jayson Young. We understand they feel the review was unsatisfactory given it didn't take into consideration the factors the young man who authored the album growing up experienced, and at their request we took down the review. However, we at feel it's the public's right to know that even though we would have honored this request regardless, the label has chosen to use "scare tactics" to express their dissatisfaction. This is ironic given the bio for one of the groups on their record label clearly reads that "We search for peace amongst our people, knowing that this is the first step towards unity and peace between all races and religions." Clearly, their actions are not what one would call peaceful.

The webmaster of this site would like potential artists who submit albums for review to know that if they are unsatisfied with a review, we are glad to discuss the issue in a civilized way and take steps if necessary such as removing the review - hopefully as a last resort. We can accomodate such a request, but what we will not accomodate is some Wyclef style Source shit where people threaten editors, families, and homes. doesn't handle shit "in the streets" because quite frankly, this website isn't IN the streets - it's online. As such we have no interest in discussing issues with people who don't feel that removing an unfavorable review is satisfactory enough. White, black, asian, hispanic or otherwise, this is not the behavior of people in search of "peace between all races and religions."

To state it clearly, this is the policy of regarding all submissions:

1. We will review albums at the solicitation of artists who send them to the website. Some will be reviewed by the editor of the site, some will be reviewed by contributors to the site.

2. We gladly accept constructive feedback on a review where the writer may have misunderstood the artist. If a dispute can't be resolved, the option to remove the review can be exercised by request.

3. We will not respond to terroristic threats. Local law enforcement will be notified in any situation involving intimidation of the editor of this website, any contributor to it, or any of their families.

4. If you disagree with the review policies of this website, you are free not to submit your album for review in the first place. You take the chance that if the writer doesn't like your album, they'll say so.

We encourage these men of "peace between all races and religions" to reconsider their attitude and the hypocrisy between their words and their deeds and choose a more suitable course of action. To reiterate, has removed the review of the artist in question, and we will not be reviewing any subsequent albums from My Life in the future. Whether praying to Allah or God we hope they'll ask forgiveness for their sins and try harder to live up to their credo of peace.

Steve 'Flash' Juon

PS: You may wonder why information about My Life Entertainment is not hyperlinked in the message, even though the review has been removed and the specific artist in question is not listed. The reason is simple - I'd like to personally request that fans of and visitors to not add fuel to the fire by contacting these artists, leaving messages on their guestbook, et cetera. I know this information is also easily available if you look them up via search engine, whether I hyperlink to their site or not, but if you respect this site please respect my wishes and don't provoke the situation any further.

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