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Monday January 26, 2015

New Reviews & Articles

Featured video of the week for 01/20/15!

Week of January 13, 2015

Barbone: The Bandit
Beastie Boys: Too Many Rappers Video
D'Angelo and the Vanguard: Black Messiah
Editorial: The Rising Tide of Anti-Muslim Prejudice
Steve 'Flash' Juon: The Hip-Hop Shop #308 - #SwankPaper
Mega Ran: Mega Ran Com:Mission
Penny the Great: You Can All Die Now
Sivion: Mood Enhancement
Jonathan Sosa: Red Couch Chronicles
Emanuel Wallace: The (W)rap Up for January 6, 2015
The Year 2014 in Review
Year 2014: Emanuel Wallace

Week of January 20, 2015

* 5 Ways to Support
* Video: Innocent? - "Ferguson"

E-40: Sharp on All 4 Corners: Corner 1/Corner 2
Editorial: The Top Ten Food Related Hip-Hop Videos
Jay Tee: Vallejo Mentality
Joe Budden: Some Love Lost
Steve 'Flash' Juon: The Hip-Hop Shop #309 - Cruisin Down Acid Thoughts
Kuniva: A History of Violence
Lupe Fiasco: Tetsuo & Youth
royceBIRTH: Caesar Is Home
Serengeti: Kenny Dennis III
Throne Muzik: The Crown Era
Emanuel Wallace: The (W)rap Up for January 13, 2015

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