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Author: Grant Jones

[UK Hip Hop Month] And so another UK month at Rap Reviews comes to a close. No longer will you be subjected to "weird accents" and strange spelling, not for another eleven months at least. Maybe the name confuses you, but has further proved that it is THE place to come to for rap reviews. We've covered albums this month no other site has covered, even the UK itself. Hip hop is truly international and in 2013, feel confident that we will keep you in tune with what's hot and what's not, whether it be American, English or god damn Swahili. Swahili month is next right? Guys?

Being British, I've hoped my first year with RR has added to (or at least complemented) the long standing writers we have in the team, and helped boost the diverse nature of our content. Having read Rap Reviews for what must be a decade now, this month's dedication to everything British in hip hop has been more fruitful than the scones we (allegedly) eat. You ever eaten scones Jay? Nah me neither. Regardless, I firmly believe that this month has provided some interesting insights in to British culture through the uncensored nature of rap music. The likes of Swami, Cyrus and Dizzee have shown that us Brits are NOTHING like the cast of Downton Abbey (OK maybe MC Duke was).

To truly complete the triumvirate of English-speaking globe dwellers, our resident Australian, Jaroslav, has added his wealth of knowledge to the team and I've often found myself learning about artists in my neck of the woods, from somebody on the other side of the planet. Crazy. That's the beauty of hip hop with over 30 years of albums to listen to, we are always learning more about this beloved genre.

As you would expect, we have included a healthy mixture of classic, underground and popular artists for you to cast your ears over. So let's reflect on a productive month, and you may well discover an emcee or producer that the Queen herself is bumping in the whip right now. Maybe.

Peace, Grant

Originally posted: October 29th, 2013

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