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Author: Prof. Mike Jordan

[Professor Mike Jordan] With all this fuss over Straight Outta Compton I'm reminded of another classic hip-hop story! Oh you didn't know? You hadn't heard? Oh I'm crazy?!?! Aight check this s#%! out. I wrote a blog about it wanna hear it here it go!

Okay - "Josie and the Rap Pussycats." It stars Tara Reid (a dirty girl you prolly wanna hit) and Rosario Dawson (a clean girl you prolly wanna hit) and Josie who played Josie from Josie and The Pussycats (I don't know what else she's been in. Sue me) it's the rags to riches story of a small local but about to blow on some underground s#%! pop band. Even though like Q, they local, they make good music and their fans like them.

Now enter SUPER boy band. They are hopping in and out of jets EVERYBODY loves them and they flossing major paper.

These f#%#ing clown shoes are on Evil Major Label. What Evil Major Label does is they put subliminal messages in music to, you ready for this, get people to buy s#%! (gasp!!!) Sound familiar?

So Evil Major Label is not feeling SUPER boy band any longer so they start looking for a new act to replace them. That's when, you guessed it, they happen upon our heroines The Pussycats and old girl whatshername. They offer them a deal and hesitantly they sign...

So now they starting to be posting high or on fleek or whatever and Evil Label gets in lil mama who isn't Tara or Rosario's ear and tells her "without you The Pussycats are a group in search of a girl Mike Jordan will not even care enough about to look up on his IMDB!" There's some beef and then a break up.

People are now starting to say "The Pussycats and that chick from up the block, ain't poppin like they was in the beginning. It's at this point that Julie realizes she can't make it without her niggas or ain't nobody f#%#in with they clique and they get back together.

Now they take on Evil Major Label and expose them niggas as frauds that's making people buy s#%! they don't need or really want and as mountain climbers that play electric guitars.

The girls return the publishing back to the citizens of Hip-Hop Whoville and keep it strictly underground and say keep it crossover which in turn leads to them blowing up.

So I ask you, am I right or am I right? BTW did I mention Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid? I did? Just checking.

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Originally posted: August 25th, 2015

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