The promo one-sheet I got with this disc shows the entire Avenue 707 crew smiling and laughing, posing for the camera. It looks like a family picture or a friendly group of people hanging out. Honestly, just judging from the picture, I expected to hear some kind of uplifting church-hop. I don’t know why, but that’s how the snapshot struck me.

Boy was I surprised when I put the CD in and guns, drugs, and bitches jumped out of my speaker. But wait…what’s that? What else do I hear? Yes, it is. A terrible beat. Next track? Terrible beat. Next track? Same deal.

The lyrics are abysmal. Nobody can flow and nobody has anything to say. Everything is recorded so poorly that it’s unlistenable. Every once in a while, someone (I don’t even want to know his name) pops up with that unmistakable Vallejo accent and lets you know where this crew is from. That’s the most personality exhibited here.

Maybe the underground is so deep in the Bay Area that everyone thinks they can make a CD. Maybe this crew is secretly deaf and can’t hear any of the stuff they are saying or recording. I can’t believe that these rappers recorded this, got the CD-R, took it home, listened to it and said, “Wow, that’s tight.”

The fact that this CD is in my home, that it was made and distributed, must mean that the involved parties think it sounds good. Sorry I have to bring the truth y’all, but this CD is not going to help your careers. I suggest you start denying you made it immediately.

Avenue 707 :: Hangout Records Presents Avenue 707
2Overall Score