There’s always going to be rappers who have thousands of fans and whose fans feel said rapper should be a lot more popular than they are. Some of those rappers are destined to remain cult favorites because in all honesty they aren’t all that dope. But there’s a select few who actually should be bumping in stereos across the country. Tech N9ne is one of those rappers, and his latest release only provides more evidence for his already watertight case as the most overlooked rapper in the industry. Since he dropped “Anghellic” Tech N9ne has steadily been getting better and getting more and more exposure. One would think that on an album billed as consisting of “Tech N9ne Collabos” the quality might dip a bit given the nature of the work, but Tech N9ne surprises by showing that he can carry lesser talented emcees and still put out a solid CD.

The album opens with the energetic “Midwest Choppers” and Tech N9ne rips it from the beginning:

“Finna witness the murderous monologue of a menace
coming from out of a sinister formidable place
I can let you know the ins and the outs and I can spit it wicked
twisted and you can see by the look of my face
Give me the mic and I’ma mangle it tangle it
definitely the people see that I got the hang of it
Pity you gotta try and make a mockery of a city, who
Buk ’em Buk ’em buck at you cause baby we dangerous
Came to get strange wit it, bang wit it, stop and get a little untamed wit it
Get the chopper like a fully, a bully with a hoodie
should of get up and take him out so he can spit cane wit it
Well the answer is right before your eyes
Who do you despise?
Killers who chop you we got to stop you
We gotta stop you pop you partner, you guessing
Get up outta the way when Techa Nina be bustin
Gotta give it up I’m a veteran like Edison
I’ma light ’em up and get in your head again”

The posse cut reps the Midwest to fullest and features strong performances from D-Loc, Big Krizz Kalico, and Dalima. “Mizery” is another dark cut where Tech N9ne teams with The Journalist and Yukmouth and outshines them both, though Yuk reps well. “That Box” finds Tech N9ne dropping one of his party joints dedicated to a certain part of the female anatomy. The beat and Tech N9ne’s creativity make for an interesting song. The party continues on “Gangsta Shap,” “Sex Out South,” and “Get Ya Head Right” where N9ne and the crew revel to the fullest in the lifestyle of a rap star. Everything isn’t all good about the life of rap star as is shown on the next two tracks. “Fan or Foe” explores the danger involved in the rap world especially when you deal with the smaller clubs in the independent rap game. The death of Mac Dre a few years back in Kansas City serves as proof that Tech N9ne isn’t just being paranoid. “Girl Crazy (Crazy Love)” finds Tech N9ne reflecting on the drama that comes with the company of ladies.

Tech N9ne is the star of the show through and through, but his supporting cast seems to have upped their game this time around. “Big Scoob” focuses on the rapper of the same name and finds Big Scoob dropping decent verses. “I Can Feel It” finds Aginny and The Philsta stealing the show with sinister verses about the dark consequences of infidelity which are on par with Eminem’s “Kim.” The producers also step their game up on this one giving Tech N9ne dope beat after dope beat. Produced almost entirely by Michael Summers and David Sanders “Misery Loves Kompany” is solid throughout with beats that maintain the dark vibe that fits Tech N9ne’s style but still manage to be accessible. “Gangsta Shap” blends elements of snap, Hyphy, and intimate club music but still manages to infuse some dark vibes with the strings in the hook. “Girl Crazy” is ready for radio play and is in par with the R&B out now, yet it doesn’t sound too pop.

Overall, “Misery Loves Kompany” is one of the better produced albums Tech N9ne has put out. It’s close to being his best album if not for the fact that all the guest spots bring it down a notch and prevent it from having a consistent vibe. While none of the rappers that make up his Strange Music roster are anywhere near as talented as their leader, in small doses they can definitely contribute positively. Tech N9ne is up to his usual tricks with his mile a minute flow and superb storytelling. Fans don’t need to be convinced to purchase this CD, but for those who have been hesitant to peep Tech N9ne a fourth straight positive review of Tech N9ne’s albums from our site should be more than enough to give the man a chance.

Tech N9ne :: Collabos - Misery Loves Kompany
7.5Overall Score