This is easy as pie, this review. Here is a simple fourteen-track compilation of a few instrumentals from a variety of mainstream and underground producers. No lyrics, just beats. We are blessed with cuts from DJ Premier, Alchemist, J Love, Ski Beats, Buckwild – and a few from (at the moment) lesser-knowns such as J Garfield, Emile, Ax and K.I.D.D.

It will serves as good practice for aspiring MC’s to spit over; for novice producers to analyse and chop up; and for the general public that would like some interesting background music. Somewhat confusingly, there are only thirteen tracks on the CD, as opposed to the fourteen listed on the album cover – it is either a mistake or an in-joke. It isn’t very long at all, with track timings ranging from just over a minute, all the way to six plus.

Most of it tends to channel the 1970’s era of soul, and is successful for the most part. Standout cuts include the opener from Moonshine, Alchemist’s contribution, C Mill’s awesome stomper, a pretty nice beat from DJ Premier, Jae Supreme’s short but sweet effort, and Buckwild’s excellent closer. I can recommend this to anyone who would like to get an album filled with carefully chosen beats. It isn’t incredible, but it could pretty much be whatever you want it to be.

Various Artists :: Legal Hustle Records presents Got Beats?
7Overall Score