After a seven year hiatus in releasing a new album, Toronto’s hip hop group, Golden Disciples, makes a fierce come back with their latest EP “Discipline Hearts.” Emcees G-Roc and Creep of Golden Disciples come together in “Discipline Hearts” to explain the “struggle in life.” Feeling as though they have gained knowledge through discipline, Golden Disciples convey this message through their music.

While trying to thrive in Toronto’s unappreciated hip hop scene, Golden Disciples released their first self-released single “Goldfinger” in 2001 on their Structures Built label. With the continued success of their label and newfound hip hop sound, Golden Disciples carry on from where they once left off while releasing non-conforming music that strays away from mainstream. Their West Indian influences from Trinidad and Jamaica are clearly heard throughout “Discipline Hearts” as they remember their roots from start to finish. A blending of soul, jazz, and boom bap encompasses the sound from Golden Disciples as they make the effort to introduce an innovative type hip hop. With production from Justin Crates, Tyme, Oddisee, and Insight, “Discipline Hearts” shows the potential of Toronto’s talents.

“Discipline Hearts” is an album geared towards a more progressive movement as Golden Disciples instill a positive and promising message to their audience. With its reggae influenced beat and added touch of funk, “Shape” starts out the “Discipline Hearts” album as it continues with the ongoing theme of optimism. As emcees G-Roc and Creep suggest that society lacks the integrity it once had, they validate the idea that there is a need to “shape the earth” to what it once was. Insisting that the influence of music and hip hop has slowly gone astray, Golden Disciples are ready for a change.

As they feel as though the transformation lies within our youth, Golden Disciples express the importance of our future in “Teach the Youth.” With echoing children’s voices in the background against a soft hip hop beat, “Teach the Youth” shows us the importance of shaping young minds in order for them to appreciate the world we live in. The track provides us with the idea that the young people of today need to be influenced in a constructive way in order to stay away from drugs, violence, and crime as they say:

“We still lack the energy showing the youth
All the parents in the world
Y’all missing the school
How to school these kids through governmental care
Cut backs are ridiculous
I’m losing my hair
T.V.’s not helping out the innocent minds
You got girls at thirteen showing their panty lines
That’s why they say older men want to hunt them down
God is watching the town, the devil is messing around”

As a standout track with a significant message, Golden Disciples remix “Teach the Youth” with a faster hip hop beat and loud, blaring trumpets, a bonus from Tyme’s production. .

Knowing firsthand of the difficulties of trying to achieve within Canadian’s hip hop scene, Golden Disciples have seen it all since their inception in 2001. “Legacy,” featuring Braille, introduces the idea of constantly moving forward, but always leaving a legacy in music. Learning from past mistakes and growing stronger from them, Golden Disciples show the rise and fall when trying to achieve such greatness. With an extensive flute introduction and hard bass, “Legacy” forms a union between instrumentals, hip hop, and stellar lyricism as the chorus shows:

“Put it behind you
It’s time to move forward
Let me remind you
We’ve all been tortured
When it’s all through
We can look back and say that we made it
This is our legacy”

“Discipline” further explores the idea of hard work and accomplishment as Golden Disciples instill the idea of finishing what has been started regardless of surrounding criticism as “Mellow Out” adheres to the message to “don’t let the long days stress you out” against the smooth, relaxing beat. With an essential message within each track, Golden Disciples do not forget about the important message of love, especially with hip hop in the track “Love.” A funk beat is incorporated in the track as both emcees explain their own adoration for hip hop and its art.

With the release of “Discipline Hearts,” Golden Disciples is a perfect example of how far Toronto’s hip hop scene has come. They are made up of a union of unconventional hip hop and powerful lyricism to show what Canadian hip hop is capable of. After seven years, Golden Disciples have strengthened their skills as emcees and have proven that it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Disciplined to say the least, Golden Disciples have both learned and grown from what they once knew and turned that knowledge into incomparable hip hop music.

Golden Disciples :: Discipline Hearts
7Overall Score