Long Range Distribution has been known for their horrorcore artists who turn rap music into shocking imagery with their main focus on horror-influenced motifs such as murder and death. Detroit rapper C Kane continued this trend of violent lyricism and style with his fellow members of the group 2 Sins up until his death. In a posthumous effort, C Kane’s horrorcore antics are remembered in “Farewell to the Flesh.”

Horrorcore is a small sub-genre of hip hop that has a small, but loyal following and has even reached the more mainstream with Geto Boys and Gravediggaz which has only popularized the music even further. Recently, the sub-genre has even made the news because of a California horrorcore artist that in fact committed murders with possible influence from his music.

With this in mind, for many, it’s difficult to take in the descriptive, grotesque nature of some of the lyrics and at times many are left in awe. C Kane’s lyrics are no different. His style revolves around the violent nature of the streets and gangster life as his infatuation with death is obvious. With titles such as “Evil Can’t Die” that shows how he is born of sin and “Dead in the Hood” that depicts death as the norm, it’s apparent what direction C Kane is headed towards.

C Kane shows how to “rush” up on someone for their money and personal effects while shooting up anyone who interferes in “Spot Rushing” and in “Evil Can’t Die” he says:

“So I was supposed to take a trip down another road
Evil is in my mind because I sold my motherfuckin soul
To the devil, his work is never done
He make me drown in holy water, my only son
Now I dedicate a sacrifice for life
Walking hand in hand with the devil like a fuckin’ wife.”

Disturbingly, C Kane includes a 911 call of a screaming women who is about to get murdered in “Show No Mercy” which also goes in depth about slaying and homicidal acts. “Let the Games Begin” continues this theme of rampant killings and shootings that seem endless.

Ironically C Kane succumbs to his own death that he so freely raps about. The title track puts his life into perspective as he raps about dying from a drive-by shooting, but comes back to life on one condition that he will change from his violent ways. In the end, he decides to carry on with his sadistic approach and unwilling to change for the better.

Although C Kane’s lyricism was amateur and unrefined, he definitely stayed true to his passion up until his death. His descriptive nature could send chills down anyone’s back and possibly sent a message about the streets he lived in. The disconcerting idea is that there must have been some validity to his music which led to his ultimate demise as “Farewell to the Flesh” provides a glimpse into this grim reality.

C Kane :: Farewell to the Flesh