Wax Society is a diverse crew of hip-hop heads with the common link being their love of the music and culture. RED hails from Arkansas, Summer and Kollateral are from Arizona, Teek Hall is from Detroit, Michigan and I can’t even tell you where their deejay Urb is from (not to be confused with the¬†newsfeed readers¬†all throughout 2013. One of those songs is in fact included on “Compilation I,” that being Kollateral’s “Elevated Nights” featuring RED.

“I – came up with a riddle that was nice, so hot
Like a strike of some lightning
I bring triple cigarillos but my shit you’ll cough
Hope it’s all to your liking
I ring bells, bring a city down to its knees
with the ease of a midnight breeze
Tell some people back home that I’m into fat cones
Q said ‘Bet, I got some weed’ – indeed”

There can be little doubt what’s elevating his nights, or that of the Wax Society’s, and the fact he drops references to both Milky Way and Chick-Fil-A suggests a serious case of the munchies. It’s a laid back smoker’s anthem, and I’m not objecting to the honies flirting and flaunting their good looks in the video either – although the chorus advises them to not “catch feelings all in one night.” That’s a healthy mindset for anybody out there. Seen the movie “Frozen” recently? That’s pretty much the moral of the whole story – don’t catch feelings all in one night because you never know what that person might turn out to be the next night.

“Compilation I” serves a worthwhile purpose in that it allows the entire crew to showcase their talents both individually and collectively. Even though these songs have been released before as singles and on other albums, it’s a good “one stop shop” for the entire collective. Teek Hall’s “Talk My Shit” has the sound and swagger of Southern rap – a little surprising for a Northern rapper unless you’ve ever listened to Detroit radio. Summer the Kid produces RED’s “Sweet Oblivion” and reminds me of an Odd Future production, while R’s rap is not at all indicative of Arkansas – he comes across like a Chicago emcee.

“If I never sleep turn beast, don’t let me wake up
And if I had a wish, I wish that we could take another look
inside the mind of the Mayans what they were tryin to tell us
And if we’re dying developed another eye
Lookin at all this money assumin Illumini’
Believin in what you heard, forgettin that we divine
Cause when you chasin dollars you be runnin for yo’ life
And in pursuit of happiness that’s something you can’t buy”

RED’s really got something – he strikes me as being profound without being pretentious, with the light feel of a Wiz Khalifa in terms of his vocal delivery. When the crew comes together as a whole they tend to keep it laid back and fun, such as the “ride or go get it” anthem “Pinkberry Swishers,” and the clap track “Diamonds” which is more about how they shine than the materialistic pursuits it might imply. Summer proves to be a deft producer throughout, but shouts to the electronic swang of JakeID on “Cruise,” the easy breeze of The Olypicks on “Success Story” and the understated jazz & bass of Steven Pugh on “Midnight Terrace.” I can’t say the sky is the limit for Wax Society, but it’s fair to tell you that it’s pretty high (pun intended).

Wax Society :: Compilation I
7.5Overall Score