“Life for me is just weed and brews
See the hoes flock to you when your name is Q
Am I overfaded? Hell yeah it’s true
Turn a beat on ain’t no limit on what I can do
See this Top Dawg in heat, but I’ma f#$% the world
I’ma be on tunes ’til God refurls
You sat me down, I’m still tryin to get higher
You looked at me stupid when I twisted the fire
Meanwhile my nigga drunk as f#$%
A nigga f#$%ed up, we all f#$%ed up
You done f#$%ed up, I brought mo’ blunts
Smoke back to up, you niggaz know what’s up”

1.) ScHoolboy Q – “Hands on the Wheel”

2.) ScHoolboy Q f/ Kanye West – “THat Part”

3.) ScHoolboy Q – “Man of the Year”

4.) ScHoolboy Q – “Break the Bank”

5.) ScHoolboy Q – “JoHn Muir”

6.) ScHoolboy Q f/ Kendrick Lamar – “Collard Greens”

7.) ScHoolboy Q f/ Miguel – “Overtime”

8.) ScHoolboy Q f/ BJ The Chicago Kid – “Studio”

9.) ScHoolboy Q – “Groovy Tony”

10.) ScHoolboy Q f/ E-40 – “Dope Dealer”

11.) ScHoolboy Q – “Hoover Street”

12.) ScHoolboy Q – “Hell of a Night”

13.) ScHoolboy Q – “Tookie Knows II: Part (2)”

14.) ScHoolboy Q – “Black THougHts (Pt. 3)”

15.) ScHoolboy Q f/ 2 Chainz – “What They Want”