“Me and DJ Train dropping bombs like a B2
So you should get the picture or if not, you get a preview
That we don’t take no s–t
Cause MC Ren ain’t a nigga
that you wanna try and f–k with
Kick a little ass in my spare time
to keep myself occupied when I’m not bustin up a rhyme
Writin that s–t that ya love to hear
cause MC Ren is the final frontier”

1.) MC Ren – “The Final Frontier”

2.) MC Ren – “Mayday On the Frontline”

3.) MC Ren – “Ruthless For Life”

4.) MC Ren – “Mad Scientist”

5.) MC Ren – “Keep It Real”

6.) Eazy-E f/ Dr. Dre, MC Ren – “We Want Eazy”

7.) MC Ren f/ DJ Train, Tootie – “Same Ol’ S—“

8.) CPO f/ MC Ren – “Ballad of a Menace”

9.) The West Coast Rap All-Stars – “We’re All In the Same Gang”

10.) MC Ren – “Forget What Ya Heard”