It’s no secret that the biggest and best rap artists have a fondness for splashing the cash. Fast cars, mansions, VIP nights out and all-inclusive vacations to the world’s most beautiful resorts. It’s all part of the fast living culture of the industry. It is, therefore, no surprise to learn several giants of the rap world are self-confessed sports gamblers. They love laying down big bucks on the most famous sports fixtures, taking a chance and flying close to the win, all with the aim of beating the odds and bashing the bookies.

The success of most legends of the rap game came against the odds so it makes perfect sense to see these names go toe to toe with the sportsbooks. Check Instagram or any other popular social media platform and you’ll often see famous faces throwing chips down on the roulette table at a plush casino following a world championship boxing match or laying a stack of cash on the winner of the Superbowl at a land-based bookies. The betting habits of rap stars certainly aren’t discreet.

Advancements in technology and the direction taken by the gambling industry has changed the way most of us bet, from rappers spending big to the average person in the street wagering on their favourite sports. Today, gambles are made using smartphones at the best sports betting sites in Canada or the apps of famous names from Las Vegas.

Would you like to bet like a rap star or perhaps your approach to sportsbook gambling is a little more reserved and realistic. This article looks at three famous names from the rap game that make no secret of their love of a bet. The names who love to bet big and win big.

Jay Z

The biggest name in modern rap music, Jay Z has sold more than 100m records across the globe and his music is as popular today as it has ever been. He’s an evergreen artist, entrepreneur and business mastermind. Jay Z has amassed a fortune throughout his career in a real rags to riches story.

With his fortune and love for the lavish lifestyle, it’s no surprise to learn Jay Z loves to bet on sports and often posts his big bets and big wins on social media. As well as sportsbook betting, Jay Z loves to play high stakes on poker and blackjack.


Nelly is as every bit as famous as Jay Z and another record breaking rap artist. Another shared interest Nelly and Jay Z have is making money and lots of it. Nelly is a sports fan and a sportsbook betting fan, wagering on basketball and football among other mainstream sports. His betting isn’t restricted to sports and, in fact, he appears to be a much better casino player than sportsbook gambler.

When it comes to poker, Nelly holds his own against some of the best players in the world. He first appeared on the scene in 2007 when competing in the World Series of Poker and has competed in a few tournaments since. Rumour has it that Nelly perfects his poker skills playing online.

Ja Rule

Ja Rule is, perhaps, best known for that well-documented public spat with 50 Cent which rumbled on for years. Away from that controversy, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Ja Rule is an extremely talented rap star and has churned out countless hits. He was, at one time, the most played rapper on the radio but it has been a while since he reached those dizzy heights.

He is loved in the industry for his competitive nature and desire to be the best in the business and it’s that same winning mentality that led to him being a successful poker player, just like the two above. Ja Rule has launched his own online poker room, such is his love for the game, but that didn’t last anywhere near as long as his rap career before the shutters were pulled down. Ja Rule followers will know he often hosts lavish poker parties at his mansion, inviting some of the best loved celebrities.

You can try your hand at online poker today. Simply find a poker app that is legal and licensed in your area then register an account. The leading poker sites offer all new players a welcome bonus free bet.