If there’s one thing a lot of rappers have in common, it’s their lyrics about the life of a rapper being a gamble. From the Notorious B.I.G citing ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ in the 90s’ to Kendrick Lamars’ recent ‘Vegas,’ and even Ghostface Killah’s ‘Pokerface,’ which acts as an advert for poker, there is no denying the fact. The ones who make it big also love to gamble. Look no further than 50c, which wagers hundreds of thousands of dollars in sports bets.

If you want to try and get lucky with gambling, there are many opportunities, such as the popular AmazonSlots Casino offers 500 free spins deal. The activity is so popular among rich rappers that Jay- Z spent $500,000 in a high-stakes Texas hold’em hand in Las Vegas. Those who know about his wealth understand that this activity probably didn’t go anywhere near breaking his bank.

And then there’s Nelly. This rapper star loves poker to the extent that he carried out the 2007 Globe Series of Online Poker main event. He was also a regular opponent at PokerStars European Casino Poker Excursion Circuit.

Gambling Games For Rappers

Poker seems to be the number one gambling game for rappers. Followed by card games like blackjack and games of chance. Let’s quote a few lyrics to display the levels of love rappers have for gambling, starting with a song about poker by Mobb Deep titled ‘Get dealt with’:

“You’re small mi-nute, gotta death to deal with aces up
You overbidded, and in the Bridge, you go stuck
This ain’t a card game but in perspective, it’s the same
Put two and two together
Mobb Deep with one name.”

– Mobb Deep, “Get Dealt With”

Here’s another blackjack-inspired game by Death Grips titled ‘Blackjack’:

“Comin from that hit me until
Twenty one makes
Your chips mine
Black Jack don’t trip
You got the bill
Twenty one shots to your grill”

– Death Grips, “Blackjack”

There are so many odes to gambling by rappers that it’s a wonder gambling sites aren’t named after any of them! For the slot machine loving Hip-Hop artists and fans alike, Ludacris’s ‘I Do It for Hip Hop’ says it all:

“For they fire at these pink slips, I’m handing them out
Cause this is theatre of the mind
Considerate a sign of what’s to come next
My money’s just fine bank filled with dumb checks.”

– Ludacris, “I Do It for Hip Hop”

Some lyrics are more straightforward than others. It’s all part of the gamble, whether you get the win or not. That goes for the lyrics and the fame. The skill techniques between the art of playing casino games and making rap music are similar by virtue of just trying your luck and hoping for the best. The outcome is always unknown.

To wrap things up, it’s clear to see that most famous rappers enjoy visiting physical brick-and-mortar casinos. With the advent of online gaming on the rise, perhaps casino establishments will acknowledge the role rappers have and continue to play in advertising gambling. This could be in the form of endorsements or naming one or two games after them. Only time will tell.