It goes without saying: the music industry is one of the hardest and most difficult to break into. Regardless of how good an individual might be in their chosen genre, it does often seem like numerous obstacles can often stand in the way of aspiring talent.

Many will claim that they just need to be heard and be given the opportunity to showcase their skills. Naturally, that isn’t something that can be easily disagreed with, but there are ways in which this can be accomplished with greater ease than those of yesteryear. Think of music platforms and social media, as well as the technology that exists today. These are all things that artists of previous decades never had available to them when they were trying to make a name for themselves.

Suppose you are on your journey to become the next rap mogul and superstar of the genre. In that case, you will need to control various aspects to ensure you give yourself the best chance to get ahead and potentially become a household name…

1. 100% confident in sound and brand image

Rap is a hard genre to get into because many people are trying to do so. It can be a lot harder than in other music genres, too, as there isn’t as much flexibility with things like vocals or sounds as there is in pop, rock, or even blues.

As an artist, you need to have these aspects narrowed down and fine-tuned to perfection. The sounds that you create using your vocals (the most important instrument in music) can help you create the uniqueness that physical instruments may struggle to make. On occasion, it can be perfectly fine to use free music to elevate any recording that you make, as this can help to add an additional layer and dimension to the music that you create, just with an added touch of assistance that is free and easy to access.

Your voice can be everything, and in the rap industry, it should be everything, including your brand. It can help to define you as a rapper and give you everything you need to stand out, especially when the genre is as competitive as it is and already bursting with talented individuals who are either established or up-and-coming.

2. Becoming known everywhere

Rap artists are usually people who have a presence about them in terms of their appearance. They can often be easy to identify through the way they dress or even by the way they look and style themselves. Creating a presence that matches the aura that is being desired can go a long way in helping an individual breakthrough and forge a name for themselves.

It’s not only physically where a presence is needed, especially in the modern era. Technology and social media have already been mentioned, but they cannot be understated. Streaming sites have become a popular way in which people become discovered, therefore they must be used to their full potential.

They can also be a great way to help an individual interact and build a following, which can do wonders when trying to break into the scene. It can also help to network with others, as they will see that you have a following, which can then convince them to work with you or give you a chance. That opportunity can be everything that is needed to get into the industry.

3. Having the right people in your corner

Although the music industry is nothing like it used to be and the necessity of a record label is no longer there, it’s still very beneficial for a newbie looking to enter the market to have the right people around them.

Whether through a record label, an experienced manager, or someone with knowledge, having the right person or entourage can be enough to help you overcome obstacles that may have been too difficult without proper understanding.

They are also the people who will help you run the early stages of your career and then develop it further, especially if you are able to become a star and see your growth rocket. They are the kind of people that you need by your side always, irrespective of whether you are the greatest talent in the world or not; your music career does not exist without them.

It’s possible to breakthrough

Most of it will be “easier said than done”, but it’s not impossible. For somebody who is just making their beginning in the rap game, the roadmap laid out above should be taken into account, since these points are a good way to provide an introduction.

Certainly, a little bit of luck will also be required, but with determination, almost anything is possible!