Hip-hop or rap music is a popular form of entertainment in college. And it’s usually multifaceted. When it was released to the world for the first time, it included rapping, dancing, and deejaying. This movement spread like a wildfire back in the 80s and 90s. Musicians created songs about almost all the important things that happened in America during this period.

During this time, the artists were inspired by contemporary issues that affected the world during this period. This made them create songs about teenage pregnancy and education to name a few. The most fascinating part is most of the artists were school dropouts. They knew that the school system was not one of the best ways to escape their difficult projects. They advised their audience to go back to school and study hard. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best hip-hop songs about education and why you should listen to music while studying in college.

1. Home for the Holidays – J. Cole

You need not be educated to appreciate J. Cole’s creativity. This song has lots of universal lifelines. It conveys the feeling of going back home after a long time. He reminisces about coming home from campus and talks about his school days in the third verse. When you seek Proessaywriting.com help and listen to his mixtape, you’ll find another great song called Homecoming. It is interesting, upbeat, and fun.

2. College Boy – J. Cole

It is fascinating how one of the best songwriters and rappers in the world appreciates a college education. This song has many lines that encourage people to stay in school and get smart. The full song has three verses about being in university or college. It also ends with inspiring words. He says that if the music doesn’t go his way, he is going to pursue a master’s degree. Today, we can see that his music career turned out to be a success.

3. Brain Damage – Eminem

This song is based on a true life story. Eminem raps in a creative and fun way to describe the school he attended. He talks about a specific incident where one of his classmates tried to bully him at school. The guy was so angry that he ended up suing the musician for using his real name in the song. He got away with most of the things that he said in the song because he is that type of person. The aspects of this song such as humor and rhyme schemes make it so sweet. Getting dissertation help services will help you have ample time to listen to this song.

4. Hey, Young World – Fashawn ft Aloe Blacc and Devoya Maya

Fashawn is one of the best musicians in the rap world. His lyrics are not only deep but also inspiring especially to college students. He talks about a student who struggles but never wants to give up. Even though he doesn’t have enough money for tuition, there’s always a solution to every problem. One of them is getting a job. The musician conveys the idea that there are a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to do everything they can to succeed. You should consider listening to this song if you are struggling in college.

5. School – Apathy

Every verse in this song is aimed at addressing the most important issues in college education. Apathy talks about two opposite egos that manifest in every verse. The first character is Jeff who is an arrogant figure. The second one is Jay. He loves to party hard and preys upon the first character. The last verse brings these two characters together Apathy’s ability to tell a story with a song showcases his creativity and skill. If you are in college, you should buy research papers to relate to this song.

6. I Can – Nas

This song does not just revolve around getting a high school diploma or a college degree. It talks about the American dream. It helps the younger generation to know that they can become whatever they want to be. The lyrics grab the attention of the listener in the first play and plant a deep message in the mind of the listener. Nas tells his listeners that it’s good to be educated. This song has changed the attitude of many young people towards education.

Listening to music pays off in college

Most college students have found that listening to music improves their concentration while studying. Music not only motivates you but also reduces stress and promotes a positive mindset. Studying in college is not easy. This is especially true when you don’t understand the subject. However, if you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, visiting essay writer site and listening to music will help you relax and keep you motivated in the long run.


These are some of the best hip-hop tracks about education that you should listen to as a college student. College life is not easy. However, if you keep on keeping on, you’ll achieve your academic goals. And you’ll have lots of opportunities to transform your life in the future. College education pays off in the long run.