Are you ready to discover the rising stars of the rap game? This year, thanks to Spotify playlisting services, a new wave of artists is making their mark with innovative styles, deep lyrics, and undeniable swagger. From the West Coast to the UK, these rappers are breaking boundaries and capturing the attention of fans worldwide through prominent features on Spotify’s curated playlists. 

Whether you’re into conscious rap, Afrobeats, or razor-sharp bars, there’s an artist on this list that’ll have you hitting repeat. Get ready to add these names to your playlist and witness the future of hip-hop unfold before your eyes.

Baby Keem

Rising from the vibrant rap scene of California’s West Coast, Baby Keem has captured the attention of the hip-hop world with his innovative style and sharp production. A close collaborator of the legendary Kendrick Lamar, Keem’s approach to storytelling is distinctive and versatile, allowing him to stand out in the ever-evolving rap landscape.

Following the success of his critically acclaimed mixtape ‘The Melodic Blue’ in 2022, anticipation is building for his debut studio album slated for release in 2024. Keem’s music is characterized by his ability to blend introspective lyrics with head-nodding beats, creating tracks that resonate on multiple levels. His production skills are exceptional, often incorporating unexpected elements that keep listeners engaged and on their toes.

What truly sets Baby Keem apart is his lyrical depth and the thematic richness of his work, which explores themes of youth, resilience, and identity. His background, growing up in a family deeply embedded in the music industry, has influenced his artistic perspective, adding layers of complexity to his sound and lyrics.

For audiences craving innovation and authenticity in music, Baby Keem offers a refreshing departure from the conventional. His sound is a compelling fusion of raw emotion and polished technique, promising a journey that’s as unpredictable as it is riveting. As you explore new artists to follow, Baby Keem’s dynamic presence and evolving artistry make him a name to watch closely in the coming years. His upcoming debut album is not just highly anticipated; it is expected to be a pivotal moment in modern hip-hop.

D Smoke

From his victorious emergence on Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow’ to a commanding presence in the world of conscious hip-hop, D Smoke continues to make waves. His debut album, ‘Black Habits,’ showcases his adept blending of introspective lyrics with smooth, soulful beats, capturing critical acclaim and a devoted following.

D Smoke’s talent extends beyond musical prowess; he infuses his tracks with thoughtful social commentary and masterful storytelling. His bilingual fluency adds a unique dimension to his music, enabling him to connect with a diverse audience through songs like “Gaspar Yanga” and “No Commas.” His roots in Inglewood, a city with a rich musical heritage, deeply influence his work, bringing authenticity and depth to his lyrics.

Looking ahead to 2024, D Smoke is poised to expand his influence in conscious rap with new music that pushes creative boundaries and deepens his engagement with key social issues. If you value music that entertains and enlightens, D Smoke offers a powerful blend of intellect, emotion, and rhythm that is rare in today’s music scene.


CKay, the Nigerian phenom, has taken the global music scene by storm with his breakout hit ‘Love Nwantiti.’  His talent for producing catchy melodies that fuse traditional African rhythms with modern sounds has made him a standout artist in the Afrobeats genre.

Beyond his hit-making ability, CKay’s innovative approach to music production showcases his deep understanding of musical composition and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of Afrobeats. He crafts songs that are infectious and thought-provoking, making listeners dance while appreciating the artistry involved.

As 2024 progresses, keep an eye on CKay as he continues to build on his international success. With more innovative music on the horizon, CKay is not just a rising star—he’s a transformative figure in the global expansion of Afrobeats, shaping the future of the genre with every beat he creates.

Flo Milli

Flo Milli’s undeniable charisma and lyrical prowess have solidified her as a formidable force in the contemporary hip-hop landscape. Emerging from Alabama, Flo Milli has quickly captured the attention of rap enthusiasts with her vibrant energy and clever lyricism. Her debut mixtape, ‘Hoe Cakes’ (2020), is proof of her unique style, blending catchy beats and sharp wit that resonate with a generation craving authenticity and boldness.

You’ll love how Flo Milli effortlessly blends playful lyrics with sharp insights on female empowerment. Songs like ‘In The Party’ and ‘Beef FloMix’ showcase her skill for creating catchy, anthemic tracks that get stuck in your head while delivering a powerful message. Her confident delivery and unapologetic attitude make her stand out in a crowded field, inviting listeners to embrace their individuality and strength.

With an upcoming project rumored for release in 2024, Flo Milli is poised to further cement her status as a leading voice in rap. If you’re looking for an artist who embodies freedom and self-expression, Flo Milli’s your go-to. Keep an eye on her—she’s just getting started.

Little Simz

Little Simz, with her sharp lyrical prowess and formidable flow, has distinguished herself in the crowded field of British rap. Her deeply personal and socially conscious lyrics, showcased in her album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert,’ have earned her a Mercury Prize nomination and solidified her reputation as a master storyteller.

Her music is a rich tapestry of narratives that explore identity, self-reflection, and societal challenges, resonating deeply with listeners around the world. Tracks like ‘Introvert’ and ‘Woman’ highlight her skill at addressing complex themes with a compelling flow and musicality that engages and inspires.

As we move into 2024, Little Simz is set to achieve even greater heights. Known for her dynamic performances and unwavering authenticity, she continues to be an essential voice in the evolution of rap, offering a refreshing perspective and profound lyrical content that promises to provoke thought and evoke emotion in equal measure.