Dummy, YUH!

When I heard Lilmar’s “Yuh” I could only think of LA Knight’s famous catchphrase — or at least the version of it he used before WWE. By now the fact I’m a wrestling fan is not new to long time readers, but I’m mentioning it for first time readers who won’t know why I’m reviewing “Lilmarsworld.” I’m under no illusion that Lilmar (born Lamar Luis Cruz) is a wrestling fan or that this is anything other than sheer coincidence. Nevertheless it’s a beneficial coincidence in his case because it got me to check out an album that I would have otherwise overlooked.

It’s obvious from singles like “Body Count” that YUH became a signature for him. You can hear him say it in the song’s intro, you can hear it added to the end of bars as a sound effect, you can hear it sprinkled all throughout his tracks PERIOD. It’s good to have something that people can identify you with if you’re trying to build a brand, but just like a wrestler’s catchphrase, it only works if the audience is imitating you right back by the millions. Lilmar has just about 10,000 subscribers to his music on YouTube as I write this review. That’s impressive… but it’s not millions. Maybe that’s why he tried to make “Woah” his second catchphrase.

This one definitely doesn’t work. It’s not just that the late Black Rob did it better decades ago — it’s that the production on “Woah” is annoying to the point of being unlistenable. There’s one kick drum and snare tap that repeats. There’s one wavering melodic phrase that repeats. Combine that with rhyming everything with “woah” and the whole thing is repetitive as fuck. That leaves Lilmar’s lyrics as the only thing you can focus on, and it’s immediately apparent they are unnecessarily and excessively misogynistic at the same time. “I’m fucking your bitch like woah, I’m fucking your bitch she a hoe/I pull out and bust a huge load, I nut on her face no snow.” It’s gross.

Lilmar seems to have a problem with women in general. “I’m getting money, now she acting funny.” He can’t even celebrate his newfound bands and racks on “Funny” because he’s too busy berating women for being greedy gold diggers. Lamar, who hurt you? If life is so sweet can’t you stop and enjoy it instead? I know it’s a trope to flaunt conspicuous consumption but I’d prefer it to how much time he spends bashing the feminine species. It clearly dominates his thought process though. “Baby girl you better have that pussy right.” Would you guess that line is from a song called “Pussy?” Dummy, YEAH!

By the time he’s popped that “Cherry” on the closer of “Lilmarsworld” I’ve heard all I need to hear, even though on this song he’s talking about popping Xanax AND pussy — even bragging his “dick so big that it hurts” his partners. “I ate your bitch with a spoon/these crackers say I’m a coon.” No sir. This cracker would never say that. I would say that I’ve heard better rappers though. He gets positive marks for actually rapping and not singing most of the time. He’s trying to market himself through identifiable and imitable things, which shows he’s keyed in to the short attention span markets of TikTok and YouTube Shorts, so he gets props there too. Aside from that he needs better production and to be a whole lot less obsessed with either hating women or fucking them. Get some different topics bruh, please.

Lilmar :: Lilmarsworld
5Overall Score