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Saturday March 28, 2015

Mixtape Reviews

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Chops & G-Unit: By Hook or by Crook
Custom Made: Street Cinema Vol. 3: The Blackboard Jungle
Defiant: Got Juice?
Defiant: Where the B-Girls At?
DJ A-Beats & Double J: From 1 Generation to the Next
DJ Aaron LaCrate: Dope on the Tables
DJ Clue: Backstage - Mixtape
DJ Clue: The Professional 2
DJ Clue: The Professional 3
DJ Craze: Rugged Radio Saturday
DJ Drama & Young Jeezy: Can't Ban the Snowman
DJ Envy: Blok Party Vol. 1
DJ Ideal: Da Bottom, Vol. 2
DJ Jazzy Jeff: Hip Hop Forever II
DJ JS-1: Ground Original
DJ JS-1 & Dub-L: Claimstake
DJ KaySlay: The StreetSweeper Vol. 1
DJ KaySlay: The StreetSweeper Vol. 2
DJ KaySlay & Greg Street: The Champions - The North Meets the South
DJ Kurupt: Koch Records Presents Summer Heat - The Mixtape
DJ Nu-Mark: Hands On
DJ Payperkutt: Shut Your Mouth
DJ Revolution: Class of '85
DJ Spinna: Beyond Real Experience Vol. 2
DJ WhooKid: Hood Radio V.1
DJ Zeph: Sunset Scavenger
Rob-Lo: Street Grind Vol. 1
Session: New Money Mixtape


Busta Rhymes/Clinton Sparks: New Crack City
Chubbie Baby: Chubbie Baby Vol. 1
Corey Gunz: The Apprentice Part 2
Demolition Men: 2004 Recap - Best of the Bay
DJ A-Beats & DJ Lynch: Street Hop
DJ Anomaly: Mountains Rise
DJ Andrew Unknown & DJ Menelek: Aint No Love Pt. 2
DJ B-Mello: Block Burners
DJ Cadillac: The Steel City Massacre Mixtape Vol. 1 - Startin' From Scratch
DJ Clue: Grand Theft Audio II (Desert Storm Mixtape Vol. 3)
DJ Daddy Dog: Vibe with the Tribe
DJ Daddy Dog: Leaders of the Old School
DJ Devious: The Double Deez Tape Vol. 1
DJ Drama & Plies: From the Bottom to the Top
DJ Drama and Young Dro: Day One
DJ Envy: Crackheadz Gone Wild - New York Presents: 'I Got That Crack' The Mixtape Vol. 1
DJ E.NYCE: Jae Millz: Last of the Best
DJ Five & Pizzo: Backpack Thugs 2005 Megamix
DJ G. Brown: Executive Decision
DJ Graffiti: Bling Free Vol. 2 - Wake Up
DJ Green Lantern & Big Mike: The Champ is Here
DJ Green Lantern & Grafh: The Oracle Mixtape
DJ Green Lantern & Ludacris: Pre-Release Therapy: The Truth Shall Set You Free
DJ Haze: Welcome to the Rotten Apple: Hosted by Mobb Deep
DJ Juice: Hip-Hop Mixtape Vol. 15
DJ Kay Slay & Whoo Kid: State of Emergency - The Mixtape
DJ Kemo: Kemomatic Mixtape
DJ Lt. Dan & Chops: Gunner Palace - The Official Mix CD
DJ Next: Back to the Grill, Again
DJ Premier: Australia/New Zealand Tour Mixtape 2004
DJ Red: Grippin Tha Mitten
DJ Rick: Da Mixtape
DJ Roli Fingaz: Fire Blends Pt. 7/My Time to Shine Pt. 2
DJ Roli Fingaz: Fire Blends Pt. 8
DJ Serg: Golden State of Mind
DJ Shok: Shok TV & The Lost Tapes
DJ Smallz: Southern Smoke 19
DJ Splif & Blue Steel: All Eyes on Me
DJ Warrior: Ill Street Dues II - Coast to Coast
DJ Whoo Kid: Grand Theft Auto - The Mixtape
DJ Whoo Kid & Young Buck: Grand Theft Auto G-Unit City (G-Unit Radio 9)
DJ Whoo Kid: Hyrdo Pt. 2 - Smoking Day
DJ Whoo Kid: Max Payne - Queens to New Orleans Pt. 2
DJ Whoo Kid: Guess Whoo's Back Muthafucka
Florida Classic Mixtape
Goon Squad: Welcome to Grimmyville, Part 2
GT: Third Coast Criminology Mixtape Vol. 1
The Heatmakerz: The Crack Mixtape
Itakks Mixtape Volume 2
Jae Millz & Whoo Kid: Harlem Nights
Mixed Nuts - The Mixtape
O-Dub * Volume 9 Mixtape
O-Dub * F.O.S.S.I.L. Vol. 1
P-Cutta: Street Wars Volume 12
P-Major: Break Me Off
The Purple City Family: Candy Land
Smoke & Numbers: The Color of Money
Soulbrotha & FuseBox Radio Present: Music For Agony
The Turntable Assasins: The Lord of the Mixtape - The Fellowship of the Ring Vol. 2
Tzarizm: Beatz to the Future

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