Those buddha-lovin Latinos from LA are at it again, with an album full of cuts you probably haven’t heard before. Yep, it’s Cypress Hill back at you with an EP titled Unreleased & Revamped. While the originals to these previously released songs have been heard by listeners everywhere, it’s the rare shit we want to hear. Got your head on node mode?

Is it just me, or are the Fugees gettin themselves into everyone’s remixes and shit? They lend a hand on “Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees remix)”, and how does this track turn out? The message behind this cut is that if you wait too long to make your move, it’s gonna be lights out for you. Do you think you have what it takes? B-Real breaks it down for you: Who’s runna?/But they never seen the last/Fragile ass lyrics get broken like glass/Can he pass/Or does he possess the will/Does he need a V8 to keep him straight on the real/Punks are crooked/So they fall off the ledge/Refugee Camp bringin it straight over the edge (track #1 1:03-1:19). Put it all together, you’ve got a really strong track. Wyclef and B-Real trade lyrical shots, while Lauryn brings up the rear with the chorus. And who says the West and East can’t get along?

Who else is on this album? Also appearing with the Hill are Redman, the E-Double, and MC Eiht, on “Throw Your Hands In The Air”. It’s a well known fact that you gotta represent for your block and your people, and this track just does that. The eerie nasal style of B-Real once again comes straight at you: It’s another one of those gangsta hits/Niggas wanna get busy with the ultimate/Fools get real/I’m representin the Hill/With chips and clips/And tons of blue steel/Now who wants to be the first nigga to die/And try to test this/Boo the blessed Gemini (track #2 0:59-1:15). If anyone has the feel that there’s too much of a gang mentality about this track, that really isn’t so. As in the previously mentioned track, Cypress Hill manages to bring both coasts together, and turn out a finished product that is near the top.

Let’s see, there’s been two tracks mentioned and no weed references? Don’t worry, they’re here. The Q-Tip produced “Illusions” and “Hits From The Bong (T-Ray’s mix)”. Any more explanation needed? There’s also a look back to the earlier days, as evidenced by the inclusion of “Latin Lingo”, which will have ya chanting along as the beats play on.

Even though you may have heard the originals, the remixes for these songs are worth the purchase. It provides for a different look at this group, who were only thought of as a bunch of hardcore weedheads from LA. This shows there’s plenty of creativity at their disposal. And who said smoking weed killed brain cells?

Cypress Hill :: Unreleased & Revamped (EP)
8.5Overall Score