Once in a while, you come across an up-and-coming producer whose sound gives you the feeling, “Damn, that dude is about to blow in a major way.” Such can be said of Dr. Madvibes and his erstwhile crew of the same name. Much like a Wu-Tang compilation or a DJ Muggs album can be said to be more about the beats than the talent (however talented they may be) the same is true of this new album.

You’ll find Dr. Madvibes freaking a variety of different styles with equal aplomb throughout. On the opening cut “Mistakes” he freaks a Cali-style G-Funk, then switches up to a straight lowrider flavor on “Other Level”. The album’s most standout track is “Roll With Me” — flavor filled with a dope piano chop, snappy bassline, hand claps and horn samples. Lead rapper Mad Doc even gets some props for his ill “leanin on the six-pence” verse that ends with the ill image of homeboy getting his groove thang on with Whoopi Goldberg. WHOA DERE!

To be fair, this is not a perfect compilation. The unaptly named “Madd Man” sounds rather mediocre and the opening MC kills any groove with his high (pre-pubescent?) voice; and whoever suggested “Street Life” as a song really played themselves (ever checked the DOZEN OTHER VERSIONS of this song out there fellas)? But with funky songs like “Ride the MV” carrying the groove, I think you’ll be hearing more from this Detroit, Michland producer with or WITHOUT his crew. Somebody should tell him and Eminem to hook up!

Mad Vibes :: Clowning in Seclusion
7Overall Score