Favorite albums of 2010

1. Minus the Bear – OMNI.
These guys are definitely going places. Brilliant musicians, very good writers, great sound production. Album of the year in my opinion.

2. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
Easily the best produced album of the year. Kanye West is a beast.

3. Rick Ross – Teflon Don.
My favorite rap album of 2010, although I believe that the above album is superior conceptually.

4. Canibus – Melatonin Magik.
A strong, passionate showing by my favorite rapper ever.

5. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot.
A worthy follow up to the classic that was Speakerboxxx.

6. Canibus – C Of Tranquility.
Neat little compilation of lost tracks, some better than others, but one o the better releases by a hip-hop legend.

7. Diabolic – A Liar and A Thief.
I was put onto this my a friend of mine, and I definitely appreciate the lyricism, plus the production by up-and-comer Engineer.

8. Vinnie Paz – Season of the Assassin.
I’ve always been a fan, and this was music to my ears.

9. Laws – 4:57.
Not technically an album, but a strong showing from an up-and-comer with a bright future and a nasty pen game.

10. NONE.

Favorite songs of 2010

Canibus – Post Traumatic Warlab Stress – My favorite rap song of 2010.
Canibus’ verse is mind blowing, and the beat is murder.

Canibus – Kriminal Kindness – Love the beat, dig the rhymes.

Canibus – Air Strike – Ingenious diss track aimed at Eminem that was a long time coming.

Canibus – Ripperland – Sounds like something off Rip the Jacker (my favorite rap album ever).

Canibus – Pine Comb Poem – Dig the flow very much.

Canibus – Golden Terra of Rap – Canibus and DJ Premier. Enough said.

Disturbed – The Infection – Extremely well written, demands repeated listens. Guitar solo towards the end is sicknasty.

Kanye West – Gorgeous – Hip hop personified.

Kanye West – Blame Game – Despite being only 20 seconds, Kanye’s first verse is magnificent, and the haunting beat sustains the eight minute length of the song itself.

Maroon 5 – Misery – Bassline is super sick, played this shit like fifty times in two weeks.

Minus the Bear – Summer Angel – My favorite song of the year 2010. Download it.

Minus the Bear – Into the Mirror – A fine example of superb lyricism and virtuosic instrumentalism.

Nas – Represent – I hadn’t listened to the song all the way through in a very long time.. but under the circumstances present at the time it seemed like the first time all over again, felt like a rap music baptism.

Rick Ross – Aston Martin Music – Mesmerizing song despite my intense disliking towards Drake.

Rick Ross – Live Fast, Die Young – Total banger, definitely good for the ride to the gym.

Rick Ross – Free Mason – Smooth as hell, very much like the lyrics.

Sean Kingston – Girlfriend – Catchiest song ever.

Vinnie Paz – End of Days – I enjoy every aspect of this song.

Usher – DJ Got Us Falling In Love – Lot of quality partying to this shit.