“The Spread EP” – it’s the album YOU the listener create!

That’s not a joke or a clever marketing slogan folks, it’s the literal truth. The concept behind this album is fairly simple – Audible Doctor from the Soul Khan, but this time around he’s decided it would be more fun to see what bars members of the public could lay on the tracks. With the support of the 2 Dope Boyz site behind them, BBAS has distributed this free EP far and wide on the internet, and the zip file comes with a list of rules.

“Anyone can download the instrumentals, record to them as they like and then send their songs to THESPREADEP@GMAIL.COM for an opportunity to have their song released by Audible Doctor as the vocal version of The Spread EP. All entries must be recieved by April 8th 2011 to qualify for release on the vocal EP. Please send an MP3 of your song with your name and email and you will be contacted for the audio files if your song is chosen.”

Say word – that’s a pretty cool offer from the diggy diggy Doctor. As a bonus, the EP is pretty enjoyable on its own terms even without the vocals. Much like Ayatollah’s “Fingertops,” it’s not hard to imagine your favorite emcees blessing these beats with bars. “Your Bad” puts piano keys together in slick shuffling synchronicity and has that mellow jazzy hip-hop groove of a classic by Da Beatminerz for someone in the Boot Camp Clik. Some might accuse “The Stars Above” of being a blatant ripoff of Kanye West’s sound, but if they said so it could only be meant as a compliment to the spacey feel, heavy bottom and choice R&B sampling. “The Ex” snaps, crackles and pops like a record found in a church rummage sale, and it’s something Evidence would produce, rap over, or more likely BOTH.

Let’s just break it down simple and plain – if you’re an aspiring rapper and you don’t take the chance to spit your bars on these beats in exchange for the free publicity of being on AD’s next release, you’re a fool.

Audible Doctor :: The Spread EP
7.5Overall Score