I suspect this album was sent to me around the time of our last UK Hip Hop Month, possibly for commercial airplay since it includes radio edits. An official version was released through Hoodtapes and other UK mixtape sites in December. Let’s give credit where it’s due – the UK scene doesn’t overflow with female exports – so it’s nice to hear a woman with the typical English-by-way-of-Jamaica accent. Beyond that there are significant problems.

Take “Zone” for example, where she spends more of the song singing than rapping, and an unnamed (lucky for him or her) producer seems obsessed with manipulating Pac-Man sound effects. “To the Floor” is more obnoxious though – I really don’t need to hear a UK female emcee singing “I’ma drop it to the flo'” – I can already get that in a Cockney accent from Nicki Minaj. “Bring Back the Realness” seems to miss the mark:

“Yo, what I promote is realness – cool the gimmicks
Some rappers won’t understand but O.G.’s will feel it
Nuff, guessin, but how much are they session?”

Skrilla I could ask the same. One version of “Turn It Up” makes me want to do what the title implies, but only because it has a Dirty South sound similar to a DJ Paul album. The “Gully Funk” remix is best skipped. Her song titles express simple sentiments, which is at least appropriate given the simple rhymes, such as on “Count Down.” “Leave {*censored*} sour faces like when milk curdles/Their lines are kinda flabby, man they need a girdle.” Other nursery rhyme songs include “Work Hard,” “Can’t Fall” and “Back It Up.” I wanted to like Skrilla UGQ, because I’d like to see the rap scene invigorated by a hardcore female spitter from the United Kingdom, but Skrilla needs some more development to be a a major export to the U.S.

Skrilla UGQ :: Certified Queen
4Overall Score