RapReviews.com :: Welcome to UK Month 2015

Normally it would be up to one of our writers from the United Kingdom to introduce our “UK Month” at RapReviews to any new readers out there. After all why would you trust a Yank to explain something so decidedly English with a capital E? Yet as much as any landlocked Midwesterner could ever hope to, I have a deep abiding affection for England. I owe it largely to growing up with Doctor Who on public television as a youngster, but I learned a lot of things your typical U.S. non-Anglophile would not as a result.

* Biscuits are cookies and crackers, not just things you smother in gravy.
* Most of the world calls soccer “football,” not the other way around.
* Jelly babies are not in fact babies – they are a chewy sweet treat.
* A “torch” is a flashlight, “curry” is a cuisine not a spice, and never mind the bollocks, you’re just talking about your cajones.

I could go on but I think you get the gist. I’ve naturally always been a fan of UK rappers, though I often times get the impression the United Kingdom is not naturally a fan of them. It seems as if hip-hop is treated at times like an unwanted import from an unruly former colony. It hasn’t stopped the music and culture from thriving there though, and we’re going to feature it again this November like we always do.

One more thing – Guinness is ALWAYS better fresh off the tap, but if you have to buy it in the store, buy it in the can – it’s closer to the fresh pub poured pint you’d get if you were to go out for a night with your mates.

Week of November 3rd:

Ayar: Off the Corner
Doc Brown: Empty Threats
Krept & Konan: The Long Way Home
Dominic Owen: Boom Bap
Roots Manuva: Roots Manuva: Bleeds

Week of November 10th:

Ghetto: Freedom of Speech
Scor-Zay-Zee: Aeon: Peace to the Puzzle
Stig of the Dump: Kubrick

Week of November 17th:

Estelle: True Romance
Lewis Parker: The Puzzle: Episode Two – The Glass Ceiling
So Solid Crew: They Don’t Know

Week of November 24th:

Emcee Killa & Grim Reaperz: Zapatista
Ghostpoet: Shedding Skin
Illinformed: The Mould Tape