“Like a boxer, I’ma knock your socks off
Nowhere to run to, exits are blocked off
Steadily I’m dissin men, I hope you’re listenin
Brothers like my flow
Others ride my jock like a bicycle, but I’m psycho
Fools try to play me like Tyco, gotsta pull the rifle
Daisy, graze the ass with the bee-bee
It comes speedy, sign the peace treaty
Or you’ll be needin
Medical attention when I leave you bleedin
Throw a monkey wrench in your program
crammed up your ass and it’s just too bad, son
Catch a bad one”

1.) Del – “Catch a Bad One”

2.) Del – “Mistadobalina”

3.) Deltron 3030 – “Virus”

4.) Del – “Wrong Place”

5.) Deltron 3030 – “Mastermind”

6.) Del – “Dr. Bombay”

7.) Del – “Made In America”

8.) Del – “Sleepin’ on My Couch”

9.) Del – “If You Must”

10.) Deltron 3030 – “City Rising From the Ashes”