“Been a hustler since birth, mama sellin dinners for the church
Red-handed, caught me stealin money out her purse
Got branded, permanent whip scars on my back
Cause I used to get beat, with racing car tracks
But now me got wealth, holdin a conference call on my
hands free car telephone lookin like I’m talkin to myself
Shootin the breeze cuttin it up real smooth like
choppin it up like true business men
Talkin about it, by the way
B – what we doin’ this week on SoundScan?”

1.) E-40 – “Hope I Don’t Go Back”

2.) E-40 f/ The Click – “Captain Save a Hoe”

3.) E-40 f/ Keak Da Sneak – “Tell Me When to Go”

4.) E-40 f/ Levitti – “1 Luv”

5.) E-40 f/ K-Ci, Too $hort – “Rapper’s Ball”

6.) E-40 f/ Kandi, T-Pain – “U and Dat”

7.) E-40 f/ Suga T – “Sprinkle Me”

8.) E-40 f/ Clipse – “Quarterbackin'”

9.) E-40 f/ Nate Dogg – “Nah, Nah…”

10.) E-40 f/ IamSu!, Problem, YG – “Function”