“I had to flip nuttin
and turn it into somethin
Hip-hop turns to the future rock
when I smash a punk (BING!)
Commit treason
then I’ll have a reason to hunt you down
It’s only right, it’s rappin season
Yeah, you with the loud voice
posin like you’re top choice
Your voice, I’ll make a hearse
out of your Rolls Royce
Besides, I got my girl to remember
And I’ll commit it
that I’ll be back in November”

1.) Wyclef Jean f/ Canibus – “Gone Till November”

2.) Wyclef f/ Celia Cruz, Lauryn Hill – “Guantanamera”

3.) Wyclef f/ John Forte, Pras – “We Trying to Stay Alive”

4.) Wyclef Jean f/ Mary J. Blige – “911”

5.) Wyclef Jean – “If I Was President”

6.) Wyclef f/ Akon, Lil Wayne, Niia – “Sweetest Girl”

7.) Wyclef Jean – “Fela Kuti”

8.) Wyclef Jean – “Anything Can Happen”

9.) Wyclef f/ Busta Rhymes, Loon – “Pussycat”

10.) Wyclef Jean – “Borrowed Time”