Nurturing a relationship takes commitment and hard work. While there isn’t a formula for a successful and lasting romance, there are tried and tested things you need to do to keep your love fresh and exciting. Every person who’s been in a long- term relationship knows that life can get in the way of how you feel and care for your partner. More often than not, this can lead to neglect and eventually, a painful break-up.

But what if you’re still in the first stages of finding love? Whether you’re looking for love online or dating traditionally, a connection is crucial. And while digital channels can give you extensive insight into the likes and dislikes of a person, there is nothing more effective than a regular date night to nurture a budding romance. Going out on regular dates not only strengthens communication and emotional connection but also adds depth to the relationship.

The role music plays in your date night

Now, what we’d like to focus on more in this article is the importance of music when you’re planning your dates. And when we talk about date night, we mean staying at home and bonding over a special meal. After all, going outside these days isn’t encouraged. Besides, a stay-at-home date is not only convenient and inexpensive but also perfect when you’re both too busy to plan.

Music is crucial in setting the mood for the start and end of your date night. It also bonds you and your partner over a shared interest. For instance, what if you both like rap and hip-hop songs? Did you know that rap music can be surprisingly romantic if you pick the right songs?

Rap and hip-hop sings perfect for date night

Our impression and assumption about hip-hip music is that it’s either overly sexist, or tackles drugs, gangs, and other undesirable topics. But if you look closer, you’ll find that some rap and hip-hop artists do sing about love and romance. Here is our list of the best rap or hip-hop songs to add to your date night playlist.

  • Hey Lover (LL Cool J & Boyz II Men). The late ’90s was the golden era of R&B mixed with a bit of soul and hip hop. If you’re looking for a romantic rap song, then you can’t go wrong with this classic from LL Cool J. Since the song features no less than Boyz II Men, it definitely has the perfect date night vibe.
  • Love by Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari. A more recent tune you can add to your playlist is this memorable track from Kendrick Lamar. It will bring you through a journey of emotions without leading to the “corny” territory.
  • White Dress by Kanye West. Another track heavily influenced by Soul music is this rap track from Kanye West. It’s a song dedicated to his then-fiancée Kim Kardashian and features many references to their famous relationship.

What’s great about these recommendations is that they’re also excellent songs to dance to – which is a perfect ending to a lovely date night at home.