Created for Mega Ran back when this album dropped in 2012. In the year 20XX… the story continues! If Mr. J can’t get his zombiefied students to stop playing KillCount and return to school he risks losing his job. Even worse our hero is challenged to a battle by the nefarious Z-Dub, the hottest rapper in town, who is known to be criminally connected.

How will the RapperTeacherHero survive? Language Arts Vol. 2 – an interactive music experience – available NOW from!” Saved for posterity from a channel that was being closed. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new content every evening at 8 PM ET, 7 Central. Thanks for watching!

  1. Re-Intro/The Champ feat. Z-Dub
  2. On The Line feat. Wordsworth
  3. Faculty Lounge feat. Homeboy Sandman
  4. Hip Hop Chick
  5. Me and the Mouse 2.0 feat. MC Lars
  6. Zombie High
  7. Love is Not Love feat. Sammus
  8. Better Off feat. Chaundon
  9. To.Get.Her feat. MeLa Machinko
  10. Volume Two Conclusion feat. Kyle Hebert
  11. Splash Woman (Live)