“At 14 ain’t know how to act
Momma still was whoopin my ass
Skippin school, servin them fiends”

I’m sure Mr. Moore needed to stay in school after listening to “September N September.” The initial impression you get from SeptembersRich is that he’s the average AutoTune rapper with a small following on Soundcloud who parlayed that into a label deal. Once you start listening to songs like “392CRASH” closely though you realize he has absolutely no concept of rhythm or flow. The beats aren’t bad at all. In fact “Winery” has enough thump to drive around pumping it at high volume in a residential neighborhood. The problem is he’s not rapping here. He’s not even singing. “I’m way too high.” That might be the only accurate line. He’s just talking and someone modulated it. The performance doesn’t even need the instrumental. It would be the same with any beat to it.

I was going to give this L.A. artist credit for at least being distinctive enough with his terrible flow to go viral, but the video for “Fairytale” has only garnered 34,000 views as of this writing. I may be unintentionally helping him just by bringing this up, let alone embedding it below. Was this song any more worthy of a spotlight than anything else on “September N September” though? Absolutely not. In fact his flow here might be more disjointed than anything else he recorded. I can’t imagine he can even see the lyrics he wrote down to rap them with that much hair in his face. That may be giving him too much credit though. Who says he actually pens bars before rapping?

“Made it from the dirt, that shit hurt
Twenty bad bitches, now they twerk
Twenty bad bitches, now they twerk
Walk in the club, them bitches flirt”

There’s an inverse law of rapping when it comes to SeptembersRich. The more you pay attention to what he’s actually saying, the less you want to hear any of it. He’s operating at the absolute basest of levels a rapper can conceivably function on and he sounds incredibly smug and entitled about it — telling us on “Fairytale” how he deserves a yacht and “twenty bad bitches” on his cock. None of us deserves anything in this world Mr. Moore. Make good music and earn that lifestyle you want to live so badly. Perhaps he’ll improve after this release, but if he already got distribution through EMPIRE, how much incentive does he have to get better? My guess would be “not much.”

SeptembersRich :: September N September
5.5Overall Score