Abrasive, loud and screaming. That’s how M.O.P. bring it on Firing Squad, in a style similar to Onyx’s. Rough and tumble is how this duo had while growing up. Now a little bit older and wiser, this duo still keeps it rough and tumble. Lil’ Fame and Billy Danzenie just wanna get out there and rock the mic like there’s no tomorrow.

The entire world’s been waiting to see what M.O.P. has got to offer in the nine-six, and it’s called “Anticipation”. Over an excerpt from KRS-ONE’s “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”, the track keeps the duo’s rough and tumble attitude and starts to let bustas know what time it is. Here’s a message for those in the way, ‘I’m here to make moves/To neva fake moves/I like to break crews/In half/Put ’em on they ass/If they neva pay dues/It’s time/To get rid of they fly talk/Fuckin’ with fame/You be the next stain on the sidewalk'(track #4 0:59-1:10). So all those frontin’ and fakin are gonna get eaten up by the predators of this game.

More power and strength exerted than Biggie Smalls trying to do a sit up, that’s the feeling behind “Downtown Swinga (’96)”, a Premier produced track. With Primo at the controls, this one turns out into another slugfest on the mic. You think you got skills? Cause “I’m ready willin/And I’m able/Wreck this one worldwide like cable/With rough sounds to shut down your whole record label/Comin’ at this whole industry/And wouldn’t give a fuck if you’re platinum/M.O.P. comin at ya’ (track #11 2:20-2:33). When there’s a runaway train headed in your path, just get out of the way!

With tracks like the above mentioned, M.O.P. show they have the potential to duel it out with other crews who think they got the block under control. It’s unfortunate that M.O.P. will probably never gain much mass appeal since the only place that seems to giving them love is the East. While they continue to blow up the spot back home, everywhere else in the world just knows the name, but probably will never get to feel the madness.

M.O.P. :: Firing Squad
7Overall Score