What is a Nobody? According to this North Cakalaka crew who originally hail from New Jerz and Strong Island, we are all Nobodies. “When you try to talk Nobody listens.. they tell you to be quiet because you ain’t Nobody.” The Nobodies recommend their own solution to this problem – produce your own CD and run your own website. Not a bad strategy yo, it’s a smart way for a Nobody to be somebody and get heard in the business.

The Nobodies are off to a good start with their debut CD “Fables.” Musically it’s both relaxing and energizing at the same time. Lyrically the duo trade words in a style pleasingly reminiscent of the now defunct Artifacts. Topically, they aren’t on the same old same old “guns drugs and money” bullshit. Songs like “Do What I Gotta Do” represent with smooth flows and strong beats. On this jam, a sung vocal hook can be forgiven because the Nobodies represent the yin/yang of a come-up. Verse one is the kid who wants to do right but resents always being broke, verse two is the kid who makes a quick come up and verse three brings the two into a conflict on their chase for cheddar. Strong vocal presence and a knack for storytelling make this a sure winner.

It’s hard not to enjoy this album. On “Peter Parker” they flip the Nobody concept and break down the life of a Nobody – cause just like Peter Parker, nobody knows who they REALLY are. “Suicidal Tendencies” flips the stress of life on a level that Biggie Smalls never even reached. “Destiny” manages to flip their combo of mellow and hype at the same time to near perfection and talk about where they are going in life.

Bottom line? I think you’ll dig where The Nobodies are coming from too if you “give it a chance” as they say in “Greatest MCs”. They’re worth it!

source: www.OHHLA.com

The Nobodies :: Fables
7Overall Score