“Yall thought this was over with?! This ain’t over with!”

An intro could never be truer. Most people in this industry can barely get past the one-hit-1der syndrome, but 10 years in this game they’re and still comin’ with bangin’ tracks. DJ Premier and Guru, best known as Gang Starr, have come with one of the best compilation albums I’ve ever heard. With so many classic hits, there was no choice but to make this a double LP. I guess their prophecy from ’89 came true, “We’re moving on with the sound/see we’re gonna be around/For a long time.”

Just about every gem they’ve blessed us with has been neatly compacted for your listening pleasure. Well, most every gem…what happened to The Illest Brother?! I can’t believe they left that off. Even the B-side, “So Wassup”, made it for those who don’t have vinyl. And what kind of Gang Starr comp would this be with out a few remixes: “The Militia II” w/ WC and Rakim, “You Know My Steez (Remix)” w/ Lady of Rage and Kurupt.

To make the honey even sweeter, a few new tracks to bump in your walkman. “Full Clip” and “All For The Ca$h” are in pure Gang Starr form. To anyone who had thoughts about Premier falling off, kill that noise. Pure butta baby. The production as always is incredible, and Guru’s story telling skills were shining bright.

So they say time flies when you’re having fun. Has it really been a decade since No More Mr. Nice Guy? Damn. Even if you already have all their albums, you better scoop up these hits that they “Manifest”.

source: www.OHHLA.com

GangStarr :: Full Clip
9Overall Score