Murder, murder, murder. Having listened to this blood and guts filled double CD compilation, I feel the need – the need for retreat. More specifically, a Buddhist retreat, for at least a week. Because if you actually listen to this genre of music too much, you may well kill someone (if not yourself) pretty soon. It really is too much gore – not just for a man like me, but also itself, successfully drowning out some occasionally skilled lyrics and banging beats. In other words, the genre is, rather ironically, killing itself.

There must be a reason that Murdercore, as a genre of music, is gradually becoming commercially viable. Personally, I attribute it to first person shooter video games – not in a judgemental way, but a soundtrack describing death and destruction may well help various gamers to enter the digital reality that they control, in particular when you have to blow the shit out of people/aliens on a regular basis. All I know is that too much isn’t good for you – Murdercore, that is. Some might say that Eminem is an extension of Murdercore – but really, he just said stuff to be comically shocking, and never devoted his career to it.

As for the compilation, it is an expansive culling of some of the best songs out there in the genre, and from previous Long Range Distribution offerings, some of which received some savage ratings on this site. Artists such as Q-Strange, Insane Poetry, Mars and Trajik contribute to a whopping 41 tracks, providing well over two hours of gruesome entertainment. Again, if you desperately like this genre of music, it may well be a worthwhile investment. There are some talented rappers, some solid beats, and some catchy choruses. It is just a shame that the subject matter is so repetitive – it decimates the total score.

After having written a review, I sometimes go and watch a film on the TV so that I let the review marinate for a couple of hours. There are three options on right now: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Silent Hill” and “A Lot Like Love”. Honest to God, I don’t think I could handle any more blood, I’m bored with the genre, so Ashton Kutcher romcom, here I come – you won’t find me write those words on RapReviews very often. Damn you, Murdercore!

Various Artists :: Got That Murdercore? [promo]
4Overall Score