I don’t review records for RapReviews because I enjoy writing mean spirited reviews of garbage. I pride myself on giving even the most mediocre albums a fair shot, and I always take into account the blood, sweat and tears that go into any disc that finds its way onto my desk. However, shit is shit, and I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors if I pretended that something that was devoid of merit was actually ok. It’s with this mindset that I review Jozand’s “Finally.”

Pennsylvania native Jozand is clearly serious about his grind. “Finally” is his third solo album, following his 2004 debut and 2006’s “Unexpected.” He also released an album in 2005 with his group RTR. While his amount of output is impressive the quality is not. Simply put, Jozand is neither a rapper or singer, which makes his attempt at r n’ b inspired hip hop incredibly unsuccessful. His flow is amateurish at best, his lyrics are horrendous, and his singing is uninspiring. He crams too many syllables into his lines and raps as if hip hop hadn’t evolved since “Rappers Delight”. Exhibit A, “Livin'”:

“From the fields of greeeen
To the black tops
The American dream
Was just slinging crack rocks
People make you feel
Like you need to pack glocks
Put the haters on ice
Like the Blackhawks
Do people doubt me?
Oh yes
But you know, to hell with them
They’re irrelevant elements
Of my life
That I’d sell for shit
So my skill
I develop it
Rap game enveloped kid
I’m here to do rap a nice favor
Become the spark in the game
Like a spearmint Lifesaver
One thing’s for sure
I’m set to live
So haters this song is a sedative
I’m waiting to pounce on the game growling
Boosted up on the block, like I’m Yao Ming
I need to command respect
That’s a little different than to demand respect
Play the had the deck
Feeds you
Be True”

In fact, “Finally” is so horrendous that I am still not convinced that Jozand isn’t doing it all as a joke. The beats are amateurish, bargain basement versions of South-leaning hip hop. They are ok, but nothing great, and don’t come close to saving the album. I’m not saying all of this to be mean. I am a firm believer in recognizing potential, but there is no potential here. Jozand may have a bright future ahead of him, but it isn’t in hip hop. This is music only someone’s mother or girlfriend could love, and as an impartial reviewer, I have an obligation to be honest. “Finally” has no redeeming qualities, and Jozand needs to hang up his mic.

Jozand :: Finally