Pedro Hernandez: For those not familiar with your work, who is St. Peter and what are some of the albums you’ve produced on?

St. Peter: Peace. I’m a producer from Toronto, Canada. Music runs in my veins and my heart is beating strong right now. I’ve produced on Sporadic’s ‘walk the line, Tellavizion’s ‘vigilante monk’ & Hell Razah’s ‘Heaven Razah’

P: Where does the name St. Peter come from?

SP: Actually Razah gave me that name, the first time we met in Toronto. He was there doing a show with Shabazz. They started calling me that and it stuck with me.

P: How’d you get into producing? What motivated you to pursue it? When and how did you get your first big placement?

SP: I come from a very musical background, i had a lot of influence at an early age from my father. I started playing piano at 8, and progressed from that. My motivation comes from being able to do what I do. a lot of people don’t have that choice. I feel like if you have the ability, it’s your responsibility to use it, and from that I feel very motivated. I got my first big placement with Hell Razah with our first single being ‘Gunz Oil & Drugz’

P: Where do you get your inspiration and how would you describe your style of beatmaking?

SP: My inspiration comes from everything around me, positive and negative experience. To me music is a vessel that should be used to conjour emotion through information. I feel inspired every time someone takes something positive from a song I’ve been a part of. My style of beatmaking is hard for me to describe but I try and balance the foundation I learned from with my own individual sound. I play piano, drums, and use mainly an MPC for sampling. I admire what producers like Pete Rock, Rza, 4th Disciple, have done. I try and blend that with my own musicality. Being original is very important.

P: Being from Toronto, what was the scene like coming up and how is it now? Do you find any challenges trying to break into other markets?

SP: Well, its always changing. The Canadian music industry seems to be growing, which is good to see. I personally feel like it’s up to the individual and doesn’t really matter where you’re from. It boils down to your motivation. It’s definitely challenging to break into other markets but as I said its up to you to make it happen. I’m in New York right now, and i can say that there are easier and harder things here, and with the way music is now there’s really no reason why you can’t make it happen.

P: What is Global Lords Entertainment? How did it start, what’s the labels purpose, and what’s your involvement in it?

SP: Global Lords is a growing conglomerate of artists that are all moving in the same direction. The company was originally formed by Elezar & Midas in ’06. We start out in Toronto, and naturally grow globally. It’s an organizational umbrella company that feeds to a select group of writers, directors, emcees, producers etc. log on to for more info.

P: You produced most of “The Epitaph,” was there a particular sound you were going for the album and how did you manage to keep a consistent vibe throughout? Did you have any input in the subject matter and hooks or did you choose emcees who fit the vibe you were going for?

SP: “The Epitaph” was a project that Elezar and myself put together. I had some unreleased material that I felt needed a home, so we ran with that and added a couple other songs, and other elements to bring it all together. We wanted it to be strong, and not come across as just “Thrown Together” so to speak. I have a heavy hand in the whole song process so i usually have some input in verses and hooks, and at the same time I try and choose the right artist for each track. A lot of times the artist will choose the beat if it’s really meant for them. I try and balance my own vision with the artist’.

P: One of the songs getting the most buzz on the CD is “Gunz Oil & Drugz,” how did you hook up with Hell Razah?

SP: I made that beat probably a year or so before I got it to Razah at my man No Ledge Allah’s crib. Gotta big him up for the sample. I eventually got Razah’s email and sent him the beat, he loved it and ended up doing a show close to Toronto with Shabazz a month later. We linked and recorded a couple songs that week.

P: Tell us a little bit about the other emcees features on “The Epitaph,” how did you hook up with them, where are they from, are they dropping albums any time soon, etc…

SP: Most of the other emcees on that album are from Toronto, and we all work together on a regular basis. Everyone has there own path but we choose to walk together. Kdb & myself have a collaboration album finished titled ‘Within the Solace’ which we are shopping around right now. That will be released next year. Sweats & myself have a EP that we are finishing up titled ‘Hidden Chapterz’ which will be released soon. Elezar is working on his album, Tellavizion is working on ‘The Energy’, Lameck is working along side K.L on new projects, Sporadic has an EP in the works with Tyme, there’s a lot of dope music coming soon.

P: “The Epitaph” is meant to be a statement on the current state of the game, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game and where it is headed?

SP: My thought on the current state of the game, well hip hop has been exploited and uplifted from its roots now more than ever. There is a huge unbalance when it comes to underground, and mainstream. I don’t believe that one is better then the other, I just think its very unbalanced. It’s interesting watching how it reflects from other things going on in the world. I think we need to re-introduce the appreciation of skill and respect that we seemed to have more of in past years. I’m speaking with music in general, not just hip hop. It’s up to the past generations to let that live on. We must set a higher quality bar.

P: How do you plan to use your music to change that?

SP: By informing people, using music to teach and learn from each other. We must grow otherwise we no longer exist.

P: What’s on the horizon for St. Peter? I know you produced a song on “Heaven Razah,” what else do you have in the works?

SP: Kdb and myself have an album coming out soon titled ‘Within the Solace’ which has some crazy features, it’s a concept album I’m really excited for. I have a couple songs on Killah Priest’ upcoming album, ‘The Psychic World of Walter Reed’ and we are also talking about doing a full album together right now. I have a single coming out soon with Styles P, King Phaze & Tellavizion. I’m working with Elezar & Sweats on their projects. There’s a lot more too so stay tuned, and make sure to check my site for news and updates:

P: Finally, any words for your loyal fans?

SP: We have a lot of dope music coming real soon so stay tuned. We can’t exist without your support so make sure to show love and do what you can. Thank you for listening and be on the lookout for all my fellow generals in hip hop. Wingz Up.