“Every society honors its live conformists
and dead trouble makers
I’m the Son of Satan, sculpted the culture of the ancients
Burn me at the stake with my left hand stuck in the Matrix
I’m the apex, I steal science offa spaceships
Blackwater contractors captured off a camcorder
After mass slaughter, violent massacre, masters of order
Burning effigies of presidents and American flags
Veterans clash for the chance to sell terror for cash”

1.) Ill Bill – “Society Is Brainwashed”

2.) Ill Bill – “When I Die”

3.) Ill Bill – “World Premier”

4.) Ill Bill – “My Uncle”

5.) Ill Bill – “Paul Baloff”

6.) Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz – “Oath of the Goat”

7.) Ill Bill – “Exploding Octopus”

8.) Ill Bill f/ El-P – “Severed Heads of State”

9.) Ill Bill – “How to Survive the Apocalypse”

10.) Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz f/ Slaine, Q-Unique – “Metal In Your Mouth”