“Muggsy Bogues” by Marlon Craft (ft. Method Man)

Produced by Arbus Beats & Moo Latte, Hell’s Kitchen emcee Marlon Craft recently dropped the anticipated track “Muggsy Bogues”. A reference to both his love for the game of basketball and the shortest, but defensively powerful, NBA player ever in Mr. Bogues, Mr. Craft also included Method Man in bot the song and accompanying video. Watch below as both emcee lyrically block shots from haters:


“Vengeance Unmasked Rise of the Last 88” by Wheeler Del Toro (ft. Craig G. & Kool Keith)

On something of a Juice Crew/Ultramagnetic MCs collabo, producer Wheeler Del Toro has brought together Craig G. and Kool Keith on “Vengeance Unmasked Rise of the Last 88”. With smooth jazz samples in the production, both emcees rap in their respective styles: Craig G. with the more direct approach while Kool Keith drops his usual stream-of-consciousness surreal rhymes.


“The Oath” by Copywrite (ft. Cage)

Consider this a Weathermen reunion. Eastern Conference emcees Copywrite and Cage have brought you “The Oath” over some heavy guitar riffs courtesy of producer Swab. Stated to be included on Copywrite’s upcoming “T.H.E. Last Supper” LP, both rappers don’t miss a beat though they haven’t collaborated in nearly two decades. And Copywrite remains a punchline specialist: “Just play possum when I’m near / Or raise your hands / before the iron blaze your hands / like George Costanza’s modeling career.”


“Ballyhoo” by BigChessDC

With a mix of hip-hop, jazz, and his native go-go music, Washington D.C. artist BigChessDC returns with “Ballyhoo”. The single cover reflects the title and the lyrics: Enough of the excessive negative publicity that came via events such as the Chris Rock Oscar slap or Katt Williams spilling the tea on Club Shay Shay. Over layered instruments, BigChessDC drops his truth on self-actualization sans self-doubt.