Slick Rick. 2Pac. Keith Murray. Shyne. Prodigy. Beanie Sigel.

Those are rappers whose ranks Columbus, Ohio rapper Copywrite can now count himself among. That’s because his latest album, “T.H.E. Last Supper”, has been released while he’s currently on lockdown. Being incarcerated would typically mean that the artist no longer has as much of a creative hand in their own project and lead its quality to suffer. Then, there are exceptions, rappers who issue some of their best work from prison, such as “Me Against The World” and “The B. Coming”. Originally intended as “Scene Two” to his 2022 release, this sequel has now been visually repackaged with his self-proclaimed “high exhaulted” moniker as a pun connecting with the New Testament. Despite his lyrics, Copy has professed on record to be Christian, so “T.H.E. Last Supper” is a nod to his faith and a clever way to spin his sentencing. Speaking of which, he sill remains a punchline specialist relentless with his bars.

“Second Coming” begins with a sample from Westside Gunn giving a shoutout to many early-2000 underground rap luminaries, including Copywrite’s old group MHz. Mondee’s beat then drops for Copy’s metaphor-laden multis. Crazy Loops is behind the boards for the next two tracks: For “Bad Motherfucker”, a recognizable drum break is looped with a ‘60s rock sample, while “Vibe Injection” has a more playful jazz inflection with a Bobby Caldwell sample. Copy’s usual topical rhymes may be one-dimensional, but it’s a niche that he consistently gives a masterclass in: “Name a bastard who yells with aggression / Who else in a session? / After hearing my album, you delve in depression / Bitch, I’m the king, no Elvis impression / My competition’s taking L’s left & right like two L’s in a session / And I’m smokin’ +Canibus+ like two +L’s+ in a session / And still roll a +Cool J+, I do well when I’m stressin’.” Sheesh.

“Weight 4 It” is a DJ Mighty Mi production and the first of an Eastern Conference/Weathermen reunion, as both sound as in sync as they did in the EC All-Stars days. Danish producer Swab helms the next four tracks. For “Spanish Mambo”, he melds boom-bap snares with a slowed strings sample. A melodic organ sample defines the sound on “Sinatra” and is indicative how Copy’s metaphor structure is similar to how some comedians form their jokes: Punchline first, then writing the setup in reverse. Look at this bar: “Yer marked for dead / if you are the feds / Talkin’ to pigs & rats’ll get you trapped like Charlotte’s Web.” Juggaknots member and fellow Weathermen vet Breeze Brewin provides the first guest verse of the album and holds his own in this long-overdue collaboration. For the posse cut “Diamond Bukowski”, Swab laces a menacing industrial sound and record scratching for Copy, Ras Kass, Niko Is, and Bless Picasso to spit their lyrical venom over. The single “Mixtapes in My Sleep” is straight boom-bap as Copy goes in on the concept of mixtapes and how they allowed for unlimited possibilities for collabos. Mickey Factz lends his take on the concept as well:



“Jeah 2” is a sequel to Copy and Mighty Mi’s 2002 collaboration and the former declares that he’s “been dope so long I’d have to fall off to actually surprise you” among many other quotables. Piano loops and female vocals are the standout portions of Swab’s production on “God Particle” as Copy likens himself to the theoretical jump-off atom. On the Evidence-produced “Green Screen”, Copy assaults listeners with volleys of literal LOL punches that reference comedies from “Schitt’s Creek” to “The Office”:



Rounding out the remainder of the album is a more somber Copy beginning with “Iris”. Over a melancholic flute sample, Copy gives his thoughts on how technology has eradicated human instincts and name-checks various smartphones and the providers behind them with phone-related metaphors and wordplay. On the Slug-assisted “Turn the Page”, both emcees show a measure of self-reflection over the appropriately blues-laden beat. Apparently, the released singles “The Oath” and “Silence” were left on the cutting room floor, but “T.H.E. Last Supper” is what fans love and expect from Copywrite: Many quotable punchlines with some introspection thrown in, but all shipped within well-packaged bars.


Copywrite :: T.H.E. Last Supper
7.5Overall Score