With DJ Disk of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz flexing his magic at the wheels, you automatically expect dope turntablism. With guest appearances like Brain from Primus on drums and Buckethead from GR2 on guitar, you automatically expect funky beats and licks. With the combination of all these disparate elements together, the result is a psychadelic walk across a sonically sculpted landscape called Ancient Termites.

Sometimes the results of Disk’s experimental tricks are annoying, such as on “Disk Drisks” in which his intent to create feedback noise on purpose just gives you a big headache. Other times such as on “Funky Sculpture” Disk has a funky beat but fails to take it anywhere exciting or fresh.

For the most part though, DJ Disk can make his turntablism music boom and pound as on the Hendrix influenced “Penguin Burial” and the Buckethead collabo’ “Polar Bear Sunskreen”. You’ll get more than the occasional chuckle out of his scratch choices on songs like “Elevator Puss Music” and “Beaver Clause”. For those who like cutting edge hip-hop flavors, it’s a very good listen. For turntablism fans, this is a must have.

source: www.OHHLA.com

PhonopsychographDISK :: Ancient Termites
7.5Overall Score