We call upon the elements. We ask that the DJ send us songs of praise and scratch patterns of majesty. We ask that the cue is on point and the fades are seamless. We ask these and all other blessings in the name of Hip-Hop almighty.

Now that the spirits have been invoked, let us deal with the task at hand. Bomb Hip-Hop’s “Return of the DJ Vol. III.” The latest addition to this classic series features 14 tracks of wax molestation at its finest. Ohio’s very own Mr. Dibbs greets us with an “All Points Bulletin” just to set some ground rules for maximizing your listening pleasure. There some disclaimers that just might apply to those unfamiliar with turntablism treats. And for those persons, you are politely asked to “board the little yellow bus.” Wasting now time to showcase the labels own talented artist, DJ Faust silences the crowd with a wonderful collage of witty one-liners. The statement being made is that the DJ has arrived!

Everything from classic speeches, video games, infamous sporting events, Kung-Fu flicks, famous movie lines, and the “Egyptian Magician” (thank you Jerky Boys!) With a line-up full of tournament champions and street kings laying down fresh zhigga-zhiggas for more than sixty minutes, it was a bit hard to critique this record justly (Mainly because I am a novice turntablist who desires the skills featured on this record). It wasn’t until the tenth listen or so that I put together a proper assessment.

I’m sure that even though the selection pool for “Vol. III” was rather tight, a little more thought should have been put into what was going to set this release apart from previous volumes and other turntablism records. It is beyond obvious that DJ’s “speak” with their hands. Every once in a while I’d like to hear the DJ actually speak on something regarding his or HER piece (Big Up to Shortee!) Let me know what you are trying to accomplish with your particular song. What did your piece bring out of you as an artist? How did you layer the components of the song? Gain a certain report with your audience. For a point of reference, listen to what the X-Men did with “X-Pressions.” The DJ/Turntablist needs to make sure that the direction of craft is headed in the desired direction. Remember what happed to Jazz music! It’s cool that the DJ can find those few perfect lyrics to dis an opponent or they can find that perfect sound to manipulate with the fader. But shit, there needs to be a connection between the composer and the composition. If we all go out and get 1200s put in hours of practice, how will the creations stand out amongst each other? There damn sure won’t be a lot of space for liner notes. The dedication to the godfathers of Hip-Hop on “The Brothers Grim Sideshow” though is greatly appreciated.

Back to the featured songs. Z-Trip returns with his second phase of “Rock Star.” This one comes out as being a “funky drummer” laced jam that doesn’t have as many pieces as its predecessor, but astonished non-the less. Shortee does a nice job of flipping a rather jazzy groove full of female vocal samples. My man Slynke gets me the hardest though with his combination of tragic events! An eye, or ear… who cares?!

In all honesty, there isn’t a wack Technics being spun on this lp. The only dull aspect comes from the regular format in which this record was constructed. Next time give me something more than a load of samples. Put me down with something EXTRAordinary.

source: www.OHHLA.com

Various Artists :: Return of the DJ Vol. III
7.5Overall Score