You’re probably already using Twitter or Instagram to keep up on the highlights (and lowlights) of your favorite hip-hop celebrities, but are you checking for Tumblr? If not we humbly suggest the following five accounts for you to follow, based on the signal-to-noise quality ratio of what they tend to post and/or reblog.

1. Odd Future.

This West coast collective has always been a little bit ahead of the curve. You may or may not agree with Tyler the Creator’s tendency to use shock tactics in his lyrics, it’s not surprising that he and the Wolf Gang are on Tumblr, the social media venue that doesn’t require add-ons or plug-ins to share pictures and videos right away. For the highly visually oriented crew Tumblr is a perfect fit, and since new posts only come every few days you won’t get dashboard overkill.

2. Wiz Khalifa.

A more recent convert to Tumblr, Wiz Khalifa’s simple and clean layout emphasizes the pictures he has to share, and as you’d expect there’s no shortage of sticky icky icky snapshots. Wiz is a fashionable dude though, and though most of his clothing shares would be out of my age range OR my price range, it’s fair to say the “O.N.I.F.C.” is gonna make it look hella good if you’re sharing the cabin with him. Clothing designers should be reading his blog.

3. Chance the Rapper.

He went quiet for a couple of months in July, then came back with new music last week. What his minimalistic theme lacks in swag his posts make up for in whimsy, and you get the feeling Chance hasn’t gotten a big head despite his rap ascent to rap stardom. He posts more than the average amount of videos to his Tumblr as well, which differentiates him from other users in that his Tumblr turns out to be a vlog – he’s quite literally sharing his journey through hip-hop with his followers.

4. Prometheus Brown.

I’m taking a chance plugging this one because TUFKA Geologic hasn’t updated his Tumblr since June. Nevertheless the thing that makes this blog stand out for me is that it makes me HUNGRY. Brown is proud of his Filipino background and his feed is peppered (pun intended) with video blogs he happily calls “Food & Sh*t.” This one alone makes me drool.

Don’t read his feed when you’ve been drinking or you’re going to call a friend to take you downtown for something to eat. I’m also completely down with his profession of love for the Mountain Brothers, a group I have very fond memories of from literally buying the last copy of their CD at a store in New York City then later having them autograph said same after seeing them perform live.

5. iEl (Ilyas).

I’m going to preface this one with a warning – the former Tanya Morgan emcee has a blog that’s NSFW. If you read this blog at your J-O and the boss calls you on the carpet, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, iEl is a fascinating dude. You’re going to see a lot of body art. You’re going to see a lot of BDSM photos. You’re going to realize Ilyas split from the group for a reason – his interests just didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the crew. Thankfully that’s exactly the kind of place Tumblr is made for – you can be whoever (or whatever) it is you want to be. He’s different – so don’t compare him to another.