“I’ll be damned if I listen, so cops save your breath and
Write another ticket if ya have any left and
I’m breakin ear drums while I’m breakin the law
I’m disturbin all the peace cause Sister Souljah said war
So catch me if ya can, if ya can here’s a donut
Cause once ya drive away, yo I’m gonna go nut
And turn it up to where it was before nice try
But ya can’t stop the power of the bass in ya eye
I wonder if I blasted a little Elvis Presley
Would they pull me over and attempt to arrest me?”

1.) Masta Ace – “Born to Roll”

2.) Masta Ace – “Good Ol’ Love”

3.) Masta Ace – “Music Man” (Master Ace)

4.) Masta Ace f/ Denez Prigent, Pearl Gates – “Story of Me”

5.) Masta Ace – “I Did It”

6.) Masta Ace Incorporated – “Sittin’ On Chrome”

7.) Masta Ace f/ Chuck D, Pav Bundy – “Y.B.I.”

8.) Masta Ace Incorporated – “Saturday Nite Live”

9.) Masta Ace f/ Wordsworth – “I Refuse”

10.) Masta Ace Incorporated – “SlaughtaHouse”