If you crossed Bone-Thugs, Scarface, and the Chi-Town sound, what would the result be? Well, you can’t exactly give this group much credit for originality, but this album defies a complete smackdown.

Why? First of all, unlike Bone the flows are actually intelligible and don’t rely solely on musical chanting and harmonizing – it seems to be the exception rather than the norm. Second, the amount of gangsta posteuring is about par for the course, and really doesn’t feel excessive compared to a lot of records these days from both coasts. Speaking of which, there is no coastal flaunting anywhere on here… which wouldn’t make sense being they are from Chicago, but it is a refreshing change of pace.

Musically, the beats are above par and don’t seem to be plagued by an excess of G-Funkyness or Parliament dick-riding. The MC’s have respectable voices and flows and the cameos by Tung Twista on “Po Pimp”, “Paperchase” and “Money Flow” make them the highlights of the LP.

Summary? It’s not going to be remembered ten years from now, but in the year of ninety-six there has certainly been a lot worse product than this – so if you already have Chino XL, De La Soul, and Tribe you might feel the jangle in your pocket drifting this way.

Do Or Die :: Picture This
7Overall Score