“Due to difficulty
my style flows while it travels across the planet
in 48 Hours like Nick Nolte
Droppin the flavor, stay Sky high like Pager
I’m magical like Fantasia on paper
I Saw the Light like Kraftwerk, of course
When the T-L-A Rock shock the stuff, It’s Yours!
To your drawers, your record label got your staff gassed
Thinkin you gonna sell two mil cakes real fast
But you’re blocked, and your earrings choke like a tec
Now, who freakin style your ass gonna steal next?
Are there any more imitators in the house?? There are no
Bust like NBA Jams, and you can have Chicago
Catch the cargo, funky like a bag of Bravos
Way back, when I used to pump 92 KTU and Carlos
Huuhhh! I just stay funky like that
Make you wanna (sssss) my style like a junkie on crack
Trick, you better back the freak up, for real now
When I break it down from Newark NJ to IllTown”

1.) Redman – “Rockafella”

2.) Redman – “Blow Your Mind”

3.) Redman – “Tonight’s Da Night”

4.) Redman – “I’ll Bee Dat”

5.) Redman – “Da Goodness”

6.) Redman – “Whateva Man”

7.) Redman – “Funkorama”

8.) Redman – “Can’t Wait”

9.) Redman – “Pick It Up”

10.) Redman – “Let’s Get Dirty”